(photo by Keita Haginiwa)


週刊文春webでカメラマンの萩庭桂太さんが連載しているFor Your Eyes Onlyという記事にて、8/5からHarp & Soulがフォーカスされました!


A Shukan Bunshun web article called "For Your Eyes Only", is a serial article with photos taken by famous photographer Keita Haginiwa - and they are featuring Harp & Soul on their 8/5-9 articles!!!!

Harp & Soul 1st Album "Lemongrass" now in major record stores around Japan!

to buy online, please click here(Ginza Jujiya)


Harp & Soul

Harp & Soul is a 4 woman band made up of musicians who play their favorite tunes together. Vocalist and songwriter Aimee Blackschleger is a singer whose voice has been heard in many commercials, games and anime songs in Japan. Her original songs and lyrics are one of a kind, emotional and overwhelmingly beautiful - the members are always on the verge of tears every time she introduces a new song. Kari Duncan has been grabbing the hearts of many, singing at live shows and events, with her exceptionally deep and soulful voice. Percussionist Gisappe comes from a rock background, having played the drums since she was 13. She has taken up the cajon, which is a box-shaped drum originally used in Afro-Peruvian music, to add a heartbeat to the band. Finally, Kaoru Arai-Colucci plays the harp - the concert grand harp as well as the Irish harp, to accompany and add color to this unique indie/pop girl-band.